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"Music that fits...  With a message that lasts a lifetime..."



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Here are a few partial songs (MP3s) of Marty's,  for you to listen to
for free.  Enjoy these samples, and if you like what you hear, please go over to our store and purchase the CD online.  Thanks.

(To download, right click files and select "save target as")

My Turn To Trust - Sample MP3 - 825K
Only Prayers Away - Sample MP3 - 825K
Mold and Make Me   - Complete Song MP3 - 3.06MB
Is There a Father - Sample MP3 - 964K
Grace Works That Way - Complete Song MP3 - 3.35MB
Time for a Celebration - Sample MP3 - 673K
Every Promise Will Come True - Sample MP3 - 708K

In The Garden New - Full song - 6.44MB

All of Marty's songs are also available on background CD or cassette Tracks, just email Marty for more details. Lyrics and chord charts are also available

Also, hear "Time For Celebration" at 

This is an MP3 file of the entire song, and is NOT limited.    Enjoy!!

I'd like to share this special song "Elnora Grace", which I wrote for my own mother.



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