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Marty Miller Song Lyrics and Chord Sheets

All of Marty's songs are also available on background CD or cassette Tracks, just email Marty for more details. 

Below are links to PDF files with lyrics and chords for a few individual Marty Miller songs.   Just click the links, and your browser should open a new window.   Adobe Acrobat Reader is required, and is available as a free download (if you don't already have it).   If you need to download the reader, go to  

Enjoy, and please feel free to email Marty with any questions.  

Elnora Grace (revised with chords) - 48K

This is a song that I wrote for my mother and sang at her funeral back in 2001. It is a fantasy story of what it might be like for her in heaven. She went through a hard life, but always dreamed of having a small cottage by a river, with a white picket fence. She also never had a middle name in life, so God has now given her one through His loving grace…

Every Promise Will Come True
- 27K

I wrote this song after getting back from Nashville, where I met Steven Curtis Chapman. He shared a number of songs of God’s faithfulness, and it prompted me to write these lyrics.

Love Will Shine Through (with chords) - 28K

This is a song about fellowship, and just what that word means. I used to think it met “eating” since our church would always involve food in our fellowship times. But fellowship goes much deeper, to the point of being able to give to one another in order to live a fuller, open life for Jesus.

Missionary Man (with chords) - 32K

I wrote this, to help the listener get a better picture of how God tugs at our heart to step out and live for Him as a missionary in the real world, to help us see that is it not just for someone else who is “magically” fit to be a world traveler. It is for every person in Christ. Although this song points specifically to people who are being tugged by God to be a full-time missionary, the fact remains that we ALL are missionaries for Christ, and should treat that as our full-time livelihood.

Only Prayers Away (bass guitar part/chords) - 44K

This is about how to use our open, vulnerable conversations with the Lord to help us get through all of the ups and downs in life. To talk to Christ about everything.


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