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What to expect at/from a Marty Miller concert:

Marty mainly shares concerts in churches, but also shares in family or youth camps, college campuses, and even in missions, prisons and nursing homes. A typical “church” concert goes about an hour with a very small break in the middle for the love offering, announcements, or also whatever the pastor may feel led to talk about. But my concerts can go from 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on what is best needed for that situation. Marty schedules both adult and youth concerts, and picks his material accordingly, although his “style” of music is mainly adult acoustic contemporary, with a mixture of songs from slow and serious to fast and uplifting. Marty is a songwriter, and shares a lot of his own material from personal experiences, plus he also sings songs that have spoken to him, from other artists as well. Also, he usually has a time where he shares in a number of familiar worship songs, and also shares his style of older hymns. Marty plays acoustic guitar and keyboard, and also uses background tracks for variety. He also can supply a complete sound system.

The feel of the concert itself tends to be very honest, open and laid back. Marty’s main audience tends to be Christians, so his message in song and testimony tends to talk about issues that deal with the daily life of a Christian. But, if the theme of a specific scheduled concert is more for bringing in new unchurched people, or a mission or prison, etc, then he picks his material from a more evangelistic viewpoint. Since Marty shares a lot of his own writings, he is able to communicate from a personal level on such topics as fellowship, prayer, loving others, and trusting God through the struggles in life. He has a gift of “using” the music to open the hearts of the listener. The ultimate goal of Marty’s heart is to see people really come to know God personally, and to share that daily growth and closeness with others throughout their future walk The Gospel is more than just fire insurance; it is a daily walk with the Spirit to grow, share, give praise, and work out that salvation. These are what Marty’s songs deal with. In sharing in this way, it will leave the people more receptive to the future work of the home pastor and other leaders of the faith. Marty also tries to keep the concerts humorous and interesting, and real. Many churches combine Marty’s concerts with other special events, such as cookouts, potlucks, volleyball games, etc. It tends to draw more people out, and gives a relaxed atmosphere to listen and open up. Some areas even combine several churches into one main event.



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